ADT Full Form

What does ADT stand for?

The Full form of ADT Is Abstract Data Type , or ADT stands for Abstract Data Type ,

Abstract Data Type is a mathematical model to represent a data type in terms of its operations. It is the most basic and fundamental building block of any programming language.

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TermFull Form
ADT Full Form In ComputingAbstract Data Type
ADT Full Form In AndroidAndroid Development Tools
What Does ADT Stand For in Security?Automatic Detection And Tracking
What Does ADT Mean In Text?All-Defensive Team
What Does ADT Stand For in Home Security?American District Telegraph
What Does ADT Stand For in Retail?Average Dollars Per Transaction
What Does ADT Stand For in Mental Health?Androgen-Deprivation Therapy
ADT Full Form in BusinessAverage Daily Turnove
ADT Full Form in SchoolTeacher Of Art, Design And Technology
ADT Full Form in Boarding PassAdult
ADT Full Form in AirlinesAutonomous Distress Tracking
ADT Full Form in ConstructionArticulated Dump Trucks
ADT Full Form in Police WorkAverage Daily Traffic

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