BOT Full Form

What does BOT mean?

The Full form of BOT Is Web Robots , or BOT stands for Web Robots ,

  • The term ‘bot’ is short for robot. The full form of BOT is actually ‘robotics’.
  • Bots are a type of software that operates on a computer or mobile device. They can be classified into two broad categories – bots and assistants.
  • A bot is usually an application that runs on a website or mobile app and has the ability to carry out specific actions like sending messages or posting content on social media channels.

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TermFull Form
BOT Full Form In SoftwareWeb Robots
BOT Full Form In Airport CodeBoset
What Does BOT Stand For In Indian Railway Station?BOROTI
BOT Full Form In BankingBank of Tanzania
What Does BOT Stand For In Banking?Bank Of
What Does BOT Mean In Banking?Bank of Thailand
BOT Full Form In Space ScienceBeginning of Tape
What Does BOT Stand For In Space Science?Botswana (spaceflight Tracking and Data Network Site)
BOT Full Form In Database ManagementBlock Ordered Texture
What Does BOT Stand For In Softwares?Automated Robot
BOT Full Form In TelecommunicationBaseline of Text
BOT Full Form In Military and DefenceBomb On Target
BOT Full Form In Internet SlangAny type of automated software
What Does BOT Stand For In Messaging?Build, Operate & Transfer
What Does BOT Mean In Sports?Blast Off Tournament
What Is BOT In Time?Bolivia Time

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