BPP Full Form

What does BPP stand for?

The Full form of BPP is Bachelor Preparatory Program , or BPP stands for Bachelor Preparatory Program,

Bachelor Preparatory Program  is for those students who are interested in the Bachelor Degree but who don’t have 10+2 as the qualification.

Following is the list of various BPP full forms. It contains various acronyms and their meanings that are important to know.

TermFull Form
BPP Full Form in MedicalBiophysical Profile
BPP Full Form in PregnancyBiophysical Profile
BPP Full Form in InstagramBlack Panther Party
BPP Full Form in Hindiबैचलर प्रिपरेटरी प्रोग्राम
BPP Full Form in EducationBachelor Preparatory Programme
BPP Full Form in InsuranceBusiness Personal Property
BPP Full Form in SoftwareBounded-Error Probabilistic Polynomial Time
BPP Full Form in EnglishBachelor Preparatory Programme
BPP Full Form in IgnouBachelor Preparatory Programme
BPP Full Form in GynaeBiophysical Profile
BPP Full Form in NetworkingBidirectional Parallel Port
BPP Full Form in File TypeClarion Backup Application File
BPP Full Form in SoftwaresBusiness Process Platform | Basic Parallel Process
BPP Full Form in Indian Railway StationBAPATLA
BPP Full Form in Measurement UnitBits Per Pixel | Bytes Per Pixel
BPP Full Form in Computer Assembly LanguageBranch and Pull Plug
BPP Full Form in MathsBounded-error Probabilistic Polynomial

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