CCPC Full Form

What does CCPC stand for ?

The Full form of CCPC Is Competition And Consumer Protection Commission , or CCPC stands for Competition And Consumer Protection Commission,

  • The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) is an Irish government organization founded in 2014. CCPC regulates competition by joining past roles of both the National Consumer Agency and Competition Authority.
  • The objective of CCPC is to provide better markets for consumers. Thus, it encourages competition, emphasizes consumers’ interests, controls public debate and policy development, and breeds public perception of the significance of open and competitive markets.

Following is the list of various CCPC full forms. It contains various acronyms and their meanings that are important to know.

TermFull Form
CCPC Full Form in BankingCentralised Clearing Processing Centre
CCPC Full Form in PharmaClinical And Community Pharmacy Cell | Chemical And Pharmaceutical Corporation
CCPC Full Form in MedicalClinical Care Program Certification | Comprehensive Primary Care Plus / Comprehensive Cancer Prevention And Control
CCPC Full Form in CostingCentralised Clearing Processing Centre
CCPC Full Form in ManufacturingCanadian Controlled Private Corporation | Czech Cleaner Production Centre
CCPC Full Form in FinanceCentralised Clearing Processing Centre | Cooperative Credit Purchasing Company | Canadian-Controlled Private Corporation
CCPC Full Form in PowergridPowergrid Advanced Research & Technology Centre | Centralized Substation Protection And Control
CCPC Full Form in Banking SectorCentralised Clearing Processing Centre
CCPC Full Form in United NationsCommittee On Crime Prevention And Control
CCPC Full Form in TorontoCanadian Council Of Professional Certification
CCPC Full Form in GovernmentCity Council For The Protection Of Children
CCPC Full Form in AssociationCanadian Clean Power Coalition
CCPC Full Form in ElectionChinese Communist Party Congress
CCPC Full Form in CorporationCanadian Controlled Private Corporation
CCPC Full Form in BusinessCompetition And Consumer Protection Commission
CCPC Full Form in AccountingCooperative Credit Purchasing Company

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