CD Full Form

What does CD stand for?

The Full form of CD Is Certificate of Deposit , or CD stands for Certificate of Deposit,

  • A Certificate of Deposit(CD) is sold by credit unions, banks, as well as thrift institutions. The certificate holder agrees with the institution to deposit money for a specific time without withdrawing it.
  • Found in the United States of America, the savings product earns the certificate holder some interest if they don’t withdraw their money before the agreed time. They may pay the penalty if they withdraw before the agreed time.

Following is the list of various CD full forms. It contains various acronyms and their meanings that are important to know.

TermFull Form
CD Full Form in ComputerCompact Disc Read-Only Memory
CD Full Form in BankingCertificate Of Deposit
CD Full Form in MedicalCeliac Disease
CD Full Form in ChemistryCadmium
CD Full Form in Hindiकॉम्पैक्ट डिस्क और कैसड
CD Full Form in EnglishCompact Disc
CD Full Form in BiologyCluster Of Differentiatio
CD Full Form in EngineeringCompact Disc
CD Full Form in LinuxChange Directory
CD Full Form in ImmunologyCluster Of Differentiation
CD Full Form in AccountingCertificate Of Deposit
CD Full Form in InsuranceCash Deposit
CD Full Form in LawCertificate Of Deposit
CD Full Form in NephronCollecting Duct 
CD Full Form in BusinessCertificate Of Deposit

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