What does CLE stand for ?

CLE Full Form

The Full form of CLE Is Continuing legal education , or CLE stands for Continuing Legal Education,

  • Continuing Legal Education (CLE) offers professional education to Attorneys. The attorneys, however, receive this education upon entering the bar. CLE offers its services to Attorneys based in the US as well as other countries outside the US.
  • For US-based attorneys, it’s advisable to successfully finish a CLE. As a result, an attorney may retain their US law license. This is not to say that lawyers outside of the US, for example, in Canada, are exempted. No, they’re also advised to complete the necessary CLE.
  • Some jurisdictions don’t make the completion of Continuing Legal Education by attorneys compulsory. They only encourage attorneys to complete it. Such jurisdictions may include but are not limited to the district of Columbia, which is based in Canada and Israel. 

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