What does CODA mean?

What does CODA stand for?

The Full form of CODA Is Child Of Deaf Adult , or CODA stands for Child Of Deaf Adult ,

  • A child of deaf adult is a child born of parents who are both deaf or have hearing loss. They often face many challenges in life because they don’t have the ability to communicate with their parents and other people around them.
  • The Child Of Deaf Adult (CODA) refers to one born by a parent with a hearing loss or who is deaf. It can refer to one or both parents. Such children have many challenges in life. Why? They can’t hear any sounds around them or even communicate with their parent(s).
  • The children of deaf adults have to learn sign language in order to communicate with their parents, who are also deaf. This is an important skill that they need to learn early on in their lives because they may not be able to hear conversations and other sounds that are happening around them.

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TermFull Form
What Does CODA Stand For In Deaf Community?Child Of Deaf Adult
What Does CODA Stand For In Business?Cash Or Deferred Arrangement
What Does CODA Stand For In Psychology?Co-Dependents Anonymous
What Does CODA Stand For In Epilogue?The Godfathe
What Does CODA Stand For In Music?Tail
What Does CODA Stand For In Dental?Commission On Dental Accreditation

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