Computing Full Forms

Computing Full Form List – This section contains list of the full forms of various acronyms/terms which are related to Computing.

Here is the list of Computing full forms

AcronymFull Form
APMAPM Stand For : Adaptive Power Management | Advanced Power Management | Application Performance Management | Application performance monitoring | Automatic People Manager
BEOBEO Stand For : Block Enable Out | Bit Error Outage | Banquet Event Organizer 
BSWBSW Stand For : Bernese Software We | Bfs Software
CARTCART Stand For : CMS Abstraction and Reporting Tool Communication Access Real Time | Classification And Regression Tree |
CDLCDL Stand For : Coded Digital control channel Locator | Configuration Data List | Compiler Description Language | CAD language file (CADKey) | Cadkey Cad Language File | Catalog of Army Requirements Documents Documentation Library | Colour Decision List | Chart Definition Language
CDMOCDMO Stand For : Corporate Dot My Online | Contract Data Management Office | Communicative Diligent Mathematical Outgoing
CDPCDP Stand For : Cisco Discovery Protocol | Command Data Processor | Composers Desktop Project | Cache Discovery Protocol | Content Delivery Platform | Continuous Data Protection | Change Display Picture | Component Development Platform
CTOCTO Stand For : Configure To Order
DAASDAAS Stand For : Desktop as a Service | Desktops as a Service | Device As A Service | Diagnostics as a Service | Data Acquisition and Analysis System
DMFDMF Stand For : Distribution Media Format | Data Models and Formats | Delusion Digital Music File - Music Format | Distributed Monitoring Facility
EDDEDD Stand For : Electronic Document Distribution Erroneous Decimal Digits |
ERMERM Stand For : ETSI committee on EMC and Radio spectrum Matters | Erase Reserved Memory | Enterprise Relationship Management | Entity Relationship Diagram model file (Prosa)
ETRMETRM Stand For : Electronic Technical Reference Manual | Electronic Technical Reference Manuals | Enterprise Technical Reference Model | Enterprise Technical Reference Model | Enterprise Technology Reference Model
FCRFCR Stand For : Faster Cheaper Router
FNFN Stand For : File Name | Fiscal Note
GCPGCP Stand For : Games Computers Play | Group Communication Protocol
JMPJMP Stand For : Java Memory Profiler, Jump, Jump Unconditionally
LMPLMP Stand For : Demo for Doom (3- D Computer Game) | Linux Maintenance Project
MDMMDM Stand For : Modular Digital Multi-track | Master Data Management | Modem Definition (telix) | Model Duplicating Media | Machine Debug Manager | Multiplexer/demultiplexed | Multi-dimensional Modeling
MRTGMRTG Stand For : Multi Router Traffic Grapher | Multi Router Traffic Graphic | Multi Router Traphic Grapher
MRPMRP Stand For : Markov Renewal Process | Manufacturing Requirement Planning | Materials And Resource Planning | Memory Restructure Procedure | A Management Requirements Plan
MSFMSF Stand For : Multiservice Switching Forum | Microsoft Solutions Framework | Mail Summary File | Multiple Sequence File | Msg Summary File | Multi-stage Flash distillation
MSPMSP Stand For : Mistake Sign for Parity | Microsoft Paint format | Microsoft Patch | Movie Star Planet | Mash Streaming Protocol | Management Systems Portal | Market Specific Processor | Max Script Package | Maximum Shortest Path | Media Service Provider | Media Signal Processor | Member Services Provider | Memory Stick Pro | Microsoft Installer Patch | Multi Sector Planning | Multi Service Platform | Multi Service Processor | Multi Streaming Processor | Multiplexed Switching Protection | Maritime Security Program | Mutual Security Program | Message Send Protocol | Member Service Provider | Managed Service Provider
NASNAS Stand For : Network Access Servers | Network-Attached Storage | Network Audio Server | Network Audio System | Network Access Services | Network Access Server | Ntfs (new Technology File System) Analog System
PAUTPhased Array Ultrasonic Technology
PIFPIF Stand For : Peripheral Interface File | Plot Implausibility Field | Process Interchange Format | Program Information File | Programmable Initialization File | Provisions for Industrial Facilities | Vector graphics GDF format (IBM mainframe computers) | Personel Information Format | Insured Municipal Income Fund | Graphics Metafile (os/2) | Post Index Filename
PIPPIP Stand For : procedural interrupt positive | Plug In Panel | Presence Information Panel | Picture In A Picture | Peripheral Interchange Program | Programmable Input Processor | Pastel's Internet Protocol | Programmable Interconnection Point
PSIPSI Stand For : Packnett System Interface | Program Structure Interface | Program Specific Information
RACRAC Stand For : Real Application Clusters | Relational Application Companion | Reliability Analysis Center
RIARIA Stand For : Rich Internet Application
RMMRMM Stand For : Remote monitoring and management | Rack Mount Modem | Removable Media Manager | Read-Mostly Memory
RPORPO Stand For : Read and Print Only | Resist Protection Oxide
SANSAN Stand For : Some Adjustment Necessary | Small Area Network | Standard Address Number | Storage Area Networking | System Area Network | Storage Area Network
VCO Stand For : Voltage Controlled Oscillator, Voice Carry Over, Vendor CPU (Central Processing Unit) Operating
VSMVSM Stand For : Vestigial Sideband Modulation, Viable Systems Method, Vestigial Sideband Modulation, Voice Service Module, Very Special Monitor, Virtual Storage Management, VisSim Simulation model
VPVP Stand For : Virtual Packet | Virtual Path (ATM Forum) | Variable Parameter | Visual Processor | Virtual Processor | Ventura Publisher Publication File | 3d Studio Video Posting | Vector Port