DFM Full Form

What does DFM stand for?

The Full form of DFM Is Dance Floor Make out , or DFM stands for Design for Manufacturing,

  • Design for Manufacturing is a process of designing products that are more cost-effective and easier to manufacture.
  • Design for Manufacturing is used in many industries like automotive, electronics, aerospace, textile, and industrial equipment. It also helps companies reduce product development time and costs
  • Designers use Design for Manufacture models to help them design products that can be manufactured easily. These models help designers understand the manufacturing process and provide insight on how the product will function in the end.

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TermFull Form
DFM Full Form in DesignDesign For Manufacturing
DFM Full Form in DesignDesign For Manufacturability
DFM Full Form in BusinessDivision Of Financial Management
DFM Full Form in MilitaryDistinguished Flying Medal
DFM Full Form in MedicalDiploma In Family Medicine
DFM Full Form in RailwayDivisional Finance Manager
DFM Full Form in Mechanical EngineeringDesign For Manufacturing
DFM Full Form in Hindiव्यवहार आयुर्विज्ञान डिप्लोमा
DFM Full Form in FinanceDivision Of Financial Management 
DFM Full Form in DoctorDiploma In Family Medicine
DFM Full Form in Stock MarketDubai Financial Market
DFM Full Form in NetworkingDynamic Frequency Management
DFM Full Form in ChatDrug Free Mondays
DFM Full Form in InstagramDance Floor Makeout
DFM Full Form in ChemistryDimethylformamide
DFM Full Form in MicrosoftDynamic Field Management

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