What does DILKASH stand for?

The Full form of DILKASH Is Diplomatic Impressive Lively Known Attractive Sharp Happy , or DILKASH stands for Diplomatic Impressive Lively Known Attractive Sharp Happy ,

  • Dilkash is an Arabic name, which means “the one who speaks.”
  • Dilkash is a name of a female given name. The meaning of the name is “the one who speaks” or “the one who makes speeches.” The most common variation of the name is Dil Kaush.

Following is the list of various Dilkash full forms. It contains various acronyms and their meanings that are important to know.

TermFull Form
Diksha Full Form In MiscellaneousDiplomatic Impressive Lively Known Attractive Sharp Happy
What Does Diksha Stand For In Miscellaneous?Disciplined Inspiring Leader Kind Adorable Sensible Hardy
What Does Diksha Mean In Miscellaneous?Dazzling Important Loyal Keen Admirable Stunning Heartening
What Is Diksha In Miscellaneous?Delightful Innocent Lovable Knowledgeable Ambitious Spectacular Honest
Diksha Meaning In MiscellaneousDecent Intelligent Liberal Kindly Adept Smart Helpful

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