DNR Full Form

What does DNR stand for?

The Full form of DNR Is Do Resuscitate Order , or DNR stands for Do Resuscitate Order,

  • The Do Resuscitate Order (DNR) is a guideline that helps doctors decide whether or not to resuscitate a patient. This order is designed for use by medical staff in the hospital setting, but it can be applied anywhere.
  • This order was developed to help doctors make decisions about patients who are at risk of death, as well as patients who are actively dying. It outlines four possible scenarios and provides general information on each.
  • The four scenarios include:
    • – Patient with cardiac arrest – Patient with respiratory arrest – Patient with no circulation and no breathing (irreversible brain death) – Patient with cardiac arrest, but still has circulation and breathing (possible reversible brain death)

Following is the list of various DNR full forms. It contains various acronyms and their meanings that are important to know.

TermFull Form
DNR Full Form In MedicalDo-Not-Resuscitate Order
DNR Full Form In RailwayDanapur Junction
DNR Full Form In TvDigial (Video) Noise Reduction
DNR Full Form In ChatDo Not Resuscitate
DNR Full Form In AmazonDelivered Not Received
DNR Full Form In HotelDo-Not-Rent
DNR Full Form In TextDo-Not-Resuscitate Order
DNR Full Form In BankingDo Not Reduce
DNR Full Form In ManagementDo-Not-Resuscitate Order
DNR Full Form In ComputerDialed Number Recorder
DNR Full Form In RecruitmentDepartment Of Natural Resources

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