DR Full Form

What does DR stand for?

The Full form of DR Is Doctor , or DR stands for Doctor,

  • The doctor is one of the most important professions in the world. They are responsible for taking care of people who are sick and injured.
  • Doctors must be able to diagnose and treat patients with the help of medical tools that range from x-rays to CAT scans, blood tests, and more.
  • This profession requires a lot of knowledge about human body systems, anatomy, physiology, chemistry, biology, microbiology and more.

Following is the list of various DR full forms. It contains various acronyms and their meanings that are important to know.

TermFull Form
DR Full Form In BankDebit Balance
DR Full Form In GovernmentDesignated Representative
DR Full Form In CoaDisaster Recovery
DR Full Form In ComputerData Requester
DR Full Form In MedicalDoctor
DR Full Form In CommerceDebit Record
DR Full Form In Hindiडॉक्टर
DR Full Form In SchoolDRopbut Rate
DR Full Form In SalaryDearness Relief
DR Full Form In ChatToo Long; Didn'T Read
DR Full Form In AdDRessDRive
DR Full Form In PolicePersonal Accident
DR Full Form In WhatsappDoctor
DR Full Form In EnglishDoctor

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