ELT Full Form

What does ELT stand for?

The Full form of ELT Is English Language Teaching , or ELT stands for English Language Teaching,

  • English Language Teaching is a process that helps students learn English by using instructional methods. This process can be done in any country, but it is usually done in schools or universities.
  • There are various ways to teach languages such as the direct method and the indirect method. The goal of this process is to help students learn how to read, speak, and write the English language.

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TermFull Form
ELT Full Form In BusinessExtended Leadership Meeting
ELT Full Form In EducationElementary Laboratory Technology
ELT Full Form In AviationEmergency Locator Transmitter
ELT Full Form In EducationEnglish Language Teaching
ELT Full Form In EngineeringExtract, Load, Transform
ELT Full Form In CorporateExecutive Leadership Team
ELT Full Form In CognizantEntry Level Trainee
ELT Full Form In SoftwareExtract, Load, Transform
ELT Full Form In LawElectronic Lien And Title
ELT Full Form In Data WarehouseExtract, Load, Transform
ELT Full Form In Hindiइंग्लिश लैंग्वेज टीचिंग
ELT Full Form In SqlExtract, Load, Transform
ELT Full Form In DatabaseExtract, Load, Transform

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