ERV Full Form

What does ERV stand for?

The Full form of ERV Is Expiratory Reserve Volume , or ERV stands for Expiratory Reserve Volume,

  • Your expiratory reserve volume is the amount of extra air — above anormal breath — exhaled during a forceful breath out.
  • The average ERV volume is about 1100 mL in males and 800 mL in females.

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TermFull Form
ERV Full Form In BankingEstimated Recovery Value
ERV Full Form In MedicalExpiratory ResERVe Volume
ERV Full Form In Icici BankEstimated Recovery Value
ERV Full Form In BiologyEndogenous Retroviruses
ERV Full Form In HvacEnergy Recovery Ventilator / Energy Recovery Ventilation
ERV Full Form In Income TaxEstimated Recovery Value
ERV Full Form In Power PlantElectronic Relief Valve
ERV Full Form In Hindiअनुमानित वसूली मूल्य
ERV Full Form In ItEmergency Rescue Vehicle / Emergency Response Vehicle
ERV Full Form In PoliceEmergency Utility Vehicle
ERV Full Form In LawExchange Rate Variation

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