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The Full form of EXPO Is Exposition Large-Scale Public Exhibition , or EXPO stands for Exposition Large-Scale Public Exhibition ,

  • An exposition large-scale public exhibition is a type of event where artworks are exhibited in a physical space. Exhibitions of this type may be temporary, or permanent.
  • Expositions large-scale public exhibition have been around since the 18th century and are still popular today. They are typically held in a public building such as a museum or gallery, but can also be held outdoors in an open field or garden. The purpose of these exhibitions is to display artwork and provide an opportunity for people to see it and enjoy it.

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TermFull Form
Expo Full Form In Exponent, Inc.Exponent, Inc.
Expo Full Form In ExponentExponent
Expo Full Form In ExpositionExposition
What Does Expo Stand For In Exposition large-scale public exhibition?Exposition large-scale public exhibition

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