FDAI Full Form

What does FDAI stand for?

The Full form of FDAI Is Flight Director Attitude Indicator , or FDAI stands for Flight Director Attitude Indicator,

  • The Flight Director Attitude Indicator (FDAI) is used to display various attitude information of the spacecraft. The FDAIs provide displays to the crew of angular velocity (rate), attitude error with respect to a defined other attitude, and total attitude
  • Attitude indicators are also used on crewed spacecraft and are called Flight Director Attitude Indicators (FDAI), where they indicate the craft’s yaw angle (nose left or right), pitch (nose up or down), roll, and orbit relative to a fixed-space inertial reference frame from an Inertial Measurement Unit.
  • The FDAI can be configured to use known positions relative to Earth or the stars, so that the engineers, scientists and astronauts can communicate the relative position, attitude, and orbit of the craft.

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TermFull Form
Fdai Full Form in GovernmentalFlight Director Attitude Indicator
Fdai Full Form in BusinessFire Door Assembly Inspector
Fdai Full Form in InternationalFrench Defence Aeronautical Institute
Fdai Full Form in AwardsFashion Design Awards India
Fdai Full Form in Miscellaneous Flight Deck Automation Issues

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