GHG Full Form

What does GHG stand for?

The Full form of GHG Is Greenhouse Gases , or GHG stands for Greenhouse Gases,

Greenhouse Gases (GHG) are gases coming from but not limited to:

  • Industries
  • Transportation
  • Natural activities
  • Agricultural practices
  • Residential premises

Since they confine heat in the earth’s airspace, GHGs are primarily responsible for worldwide warming. In return, the climate changes due to the adverse effects on:

  • Cloud cover
  • Circulations of the ocean
  • The normal air pressure and rainfall patterns

In the earth’s airspace, there are five major GHGs, namely,

  • Ozon
  • Methane
  • Water vapor
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Carbon Dioxide

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Following is the list of various GHG full forms. It contains various acronyms and their meanings that are important to know.

TermFull Form
GHG Full Form In EarthGreenhouse Gases
GHG Full Form In EarthGreen House Gas
GHG Full Form In PoliceGhagghar
GHG Full Form In Hindiग्रीन हाउस गैसें
GHG Full Form In AgricultureGreenhouse Gas Emissions
GHG Full Form In ChatGo Habs Go
GHG Full Form In Gujarat PoliceThe Gujarat Police Department
GHG Full Form In TextGo Habs Go

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