HAC Full Form

What does HAC stand for?

The Full form of HAC Is Hospital-Acquired Complication , or HAC stands for Hospital-Acquired Complication,

  • A Hospital Acquired complication is a complication that develops during an illness or injury in a hospital. There are many types of these complications and they can be life-threatening, like sepsis.
  • Hospital Acquired Complications can happen to anyone, but they are more common among patients who have been hospitalized for a long period of time. They can also happen to medical professionals, like nurses and doctors, who have been working long hours in the hospital for too long of a period of time.

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TermFull Form
HAC Full Form In CommunicationsHigher Authority Communications
HAC Full Form In HospitalHospital Acquired Condition
HAC Full Form In ComputersHigh Availability Clusters
HAC Full Form In ChatHot Asian Chick
HAC Full Form In HelicopterHelicopter Aircraft Commander
HAC Full Form In CorporationHost America Corporation
HAC Full Form In ChemistryAcetic Acid
HAC Full Form In AutomobileHill-Assist Control / High Altitude Compensator
HAC Full Form In CarHill-Assist Control / High Altitude Compensator
HAC Full Form In EducationHome Access Center
HAC Full Form In MedicalHospital - Acquired Condition
HAC Full Form In GstHarmonized System Of Nomenclature Code
HAC Full Form In SafetyHazardous Area Classification
HAC Full Form In Urduایسیٹک ایسڈ
HAC Full Form In EnglishAcetic Acid
HAC Full Form In BiologyHuman Artificial Chromosome

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