HBF Full Form

What does HBF stand for?

The Full form of HBF Is Fetal hemoglobin , or HBF stands for Fetal hemoglobin,

  • Fetal hemoglobin (HBF) may also be referred to as alpha2gamma2. Else, hemoglobin F or foetal hemoglobin. HBF is present throughout gestation as vital hemoglobin.
  • HBF is a protein whose primary role is carrying oxygen in the newborn’s and fetuses’ blood. After synthesizing, which takes place in the fetus, oxygen is successfully transported to the body. 

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TermFull Form
HBF Full Form In AssociationHome Builders Federation
HBF Full Form In MedicalHepatic Blood Flow
HBF Full Form In Vacuum FilterHorizontal Belt Filter
HBF Full Form In ScienceHuman Body Fiel
HBF Full Form In UsaHarlem Book Fair
HBF Full Form In CorporationHickory Business Furniture
HBF Full Form In MedicalFetal Hemoglobin
HBF Full Form In GermanyHauptbahnhof
HBF Full Form In ChatHarsh But Fair

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