HPI Full Form

What does HPI stand for?

The Full form of HPI Is Human Poverty Index , or HPI stands for Human Poverty Index,

  • The Human Poverty Index, or HPI, is a metric that measures the extent of poverty globally. It is calculated by taking into account five indicators: income, education, health and wellness, living standards and personal safety.
  • The HPI was created in 1997 by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and it has been updated every year since then. This index provides a measure of the relative poverty levels in different countries around the world.

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TermFull Form
HPI Full Form in BusinessHigh Probability Of Intercept
HPI Full Form in BusinessHigh Performance Indicator
HPI Full Form in CompanyHigh Performance Insulation
HPI Full Form in EconomicsHuman Poverty Index
HPI Full Form in EducationHealth Professions Institute
HPI Full Form in ElectricalHigh-Power Illuminator
HPI Full Form in ElectricalHigh-Performance Interconnect System
HPI Full Form in EnglishHistory Of Present Illness
HPI Full Form in Hindiमानव गरीबी सूचकांक
HPI Full Form in ItHost Port Interface
HPI Full Form in LawHaving Perfect Intentions
HPI Full Form in LawHire Purchase Investigation
HPI Full Form in LawHealth Plan Intermediaries, Llc
HPI Full Form in MedicalHistory Of Present Illness
HPI Full Form in PharmacyHomoeopathic Pharmacopoeia Of India
HPI Full Form in SchoolHuman Performance Improvement
HPI Full Form in SchoolHealth Professions Institute

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