Full forms starting with “I”

TermFull Form
IAASInfrastructure As A Service
IAMAws Identity And Access Management
IBIntelligence Bureau
IBCInsolvency And Bankruptcy Code
IBMInternational Business Machines
IBMSIntegrated Building Management System
ICARIndian Council Of Agricultural Research
ICTInformation Technology
IDFA“Id (Or Identifier) For Advertisers
IFGImpaired Fasting Glucose
IGInspector General
IHMInstitute Of Hotel Management
IMVU In My Virtual Universe
INCIncorporated / Indian National Congress
IOPIntraocular Pressure
IOSIphone Operating System
IOTInternet Of Things
IPDInpatient Department
IPEInterprofessional Education
IRAIndividual Retirement Account
IRPInsolvency Resolution Process
ISACAInformation Systems Audit And Control Association
ISDMInformation Systems Development And Management
ISFImporter Security Filing
ISPInternet Service Provider
ISPEInternational Society For Pharmaceutical Engineering
ISSAInstitute For Systems Studies & Analyses
ITInformation Technology
ITPImmune Thrombocytopenia
IUDIntrauterine Device
IVIntravenous Therapy
IVAIndividual Voluntary Arrangement
IWUI Want You
IXLInnovation, Excellence And Leadership