IDFA Full Form

What does IDFA stand for?

The Full form of IDFA Is Identifier For Advertisers , or IDFA stands for Identifier For Advertisers ,

  • The Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) is a a device identifier assigned by Apple to a user’s device. Advertisers use IDFA to track data so they can deliver customized advertising.
  • Identifiers for advertisers are a type of digital advertising that allows marketers to target ads to specific demographics. Identifiers for advertisers are typically used in mobile advertising and is seen as an alternative to traditional demographics like gender, age, occupation and location.

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TermFull Form
IDFA Full Form In IOS DeviceIdentifier for Advertisers
What Does IDFA Stand For In Softwares?Identifier for Advertising (ios)
IDFA Full Form In Trade AssociationInternational Dairy Foods Association
IDFA Full Form In Business - General BusinesInstitute for Divorce Financial Analysts
IDFA Full Form In Community - AssociationsInternal Dairy Functions Association
IDFA Full Form In Conferences & EventsInternational Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam
IDFA Full Form In Governmental - PlanningIndustrial Development Financing Authority
IDFA Full Form In Medical OrganizationsImmune Deficiency Foundation Of Australia
IDFA Full Form In Regional - AustralianImmune Deficiencies Foundation Australia
IDFA Full Form In SportsInternational Drug Free Athletics
IDFA Full Form In InternationalInternational Dairy Farmers Association
What Does IDFA Stand For In International?International Dairy Food Act
What Does IDFA Mean In International?International Dairy Food Assumption
Full Form Of IDFA In InternationalInternational Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam

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