What does IFG mean?

IFG Full Form

The Full form of IFG Is Impaired Fasting Glucose , or IFG stands for Impaired Fasting Glucose ,

  • Impaired fasting glucose is a condition where the level of glucose in the blood is higher than normal. it often leads to type 2 diabetes and It can cause problems with the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, and eyes.
  • Impaired fasting glucose is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide. The main symptom is high levels of glucose in the blood. It can be caused by diabetes or another health issue that affects insulin production, such as obesity or thyroid disorder.
  • Impaired fasting glucose occurs when there are changes to insulin secretion or sensitivity that lead to high blood sugar levels during prolonged periods of not eating. This condition can lead to complications like heart disease, stroke, kidney failure and blindness.

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TermFull Form
IFG Full Form In ChatI Feel Good
IFG Full Form In MedicalImpaired Fasting Glucose
IFG Full Form In BankingInterface Financial Group
IFG Full Form In ArmyIndian Field Gun
IFG Full Form In TextI Feel Good
IFG Full Form In GovernmentIndividual and Family Grant (FEMA)

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