What does MAID stand for ?

MAID Full Form

The Full form of MAID Is Medical Assistance in Dying , or MAID stands for Medical Assistance in Dying,

  • Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) is a process that a terminal illness and intolerable patient goes through. Before the MAID process, a doctor informs the patient of all the available treatment alternatives, diagnoses, and prognoses. Patients have to think critically about their decisions before the process is executed.
  • Some countries, for example, Canada, have a law governing MAID. It states the process can only be conducted on a patient-adult with a dreadful ailment with no cure. 

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TermFull Form
What does MAID stand for in Drug?Monoclonal Anti-Idiotype Antibody
What does MAID stand for in Medical?Medical Assistance In Dying
What does MAID stand for in Canada?Medical Assistance In Dying
What does MAID stand for in Cyber Security?Evil Maid Attack
What does MAID stand for in Meme?Massive Array S Of Idle Disks

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