MG Full Form

What does MG stand for?

The Full form of MG Is Milligram , or MG stands for Milligram ,

  • Milligram is a metric unit of mass. It is defined as the thousandth of a gram. One milligram is equal to one thousandth of a gram, or 0.001 grams.
  • Milligrams are used in chemical reactions and in the fields of medicine, biology, and physics for measuring very small quantities.

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TermFull Form
MG Full Form In CarMorris Garages
MG Full Form In ChatMilligram
MG Full Form In ChemistryMagnesium
MG Full Form In Hindiमिलीग्राम
MG Full Form In Instagramमिलीग्राम
MG Full Form In MedicalMyasthenia Gravis
MG Full Form In MedicineMyasthenia Gravis
MG Full Form In PhysicsMagnesium
MG Full Form In ScienceMagnesium
MG Full Form In TabletMilligram
MG Full Form In Teluguమిల్లీగ్రాములు
MG Full Form In WeightMilligram
MG Full Form In WhatsappMilligram

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