MICA Full Form

What does MICA stand for?

The Full form of MICA Is Mentally Ill Chemical Abuser , or MICA stands for Mentally Ill Chemical Abuser,

Residential drug addiction rehabilitation is a program for men and women suffering from both mental illness (primarily schizophrenia) and substance abuse, treating the two disorders as well as their interaction.

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TermFull Form
MICA Full Form In EducationMudra Institute Of Communications, Ahmedabad
MICA Full Form In IosMy Intelligent Connected Accessory
MICA Full Form In AssetMarkets In Crypto Assets
MICA Full Form In CollegeMackintosh International College Australia
MICA Full Form In ComputerModem Isdn Channel Aggregation
MICA Full Form In MissileMissile D'Interception, De Combat Et D'Autodéfense
MICA Full Form In MedicalMentally Ill CheMICAlly Addicted
MICA Full Form In WsnThe Commercialization Of Microsensor Motes
MICA Full Form In Hindiमुद्रा संचार संस्थान, अहमदाबाद
MICA Full Form In ScienceAny Of A Group Of Hydrous Potassium, Aluminum Silicate Minerals

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