Miscellaneous Full Form

Miscellaneous Full Form List – This section contains list of the full forms of various acronyms/terms which are related to Banking.

Here is the list of Miscellaneous full forms

AcronymFull Form
AAAT AAAT Stand For : Armand Arabian Advocacy Tournament
ACTACT Stand For : Anxiety Chat Topics
APM APM Stand For : Arm Power Management
BEO BEO Stand For : Basque Educational Organization | Both Eyes Open | Buffet Events Order | Book Entry Only | Building Effective Organizations | Berner Oberland AG | Better Ethics Online | Burton European Open 
BSW BSW Stand For : Boswell Bay (ak) | Baccalaureate of Social Work | Bachelor Social Work | Bachelors in Social Work | Basic Sediment Water | Before Star Wars | Berlin Suhler Waffen | Biblical Studies on the WEB | Biomass Solar and Wind | Blacl Side Wall | Board of Social Work | bound swap We | Broadcast Supply Worldwide | Brown Smith Wallace | Brownlie Smith Western | Beach Soccer Worldwide | Brilliant Sports Wear
CART CART Stand For : Championship Auto Racing Team | Championship Auto Race Teams
CDL CDL Stand For : Championship Auto Race Teams | Candle (ak) | Alaska USA | Citadel Holding Corporation | Certified Driver Lumper | Computer Driving Licence | Commercial Drivers License | Color Decision List | Candle, Alaska USA
CDMO CDMO Stand For : Centralized Data Management Office
CDP CDP Stand For : Sisters of Divine Providence | Coach Death Penalty
CTO CTO Stand For : Consolidated Tomoka Land Company | Check That OutCharacter Through Originality | Chlorine Taste and Odor | Christmas Tree Ornament | City Ticket Office | Class Traitor Octodon | Consejo Tecnico Operativo | Continuously Tardy Order | Chris Taylor Orchestra
DAAS DAAS Stand For : Dad's Army Appreciation Society | Detroit Arab American Study | Doug Anthony All Stars
DMF DMF Stand For : Dead Man Floating | Dunnville Music Festival
EDD EDD Stand For : Erldunda | EDDULADODDI | Earliest Delivery Date | Eat, Drink, and Dance | Estimated date of delivery | Estimated Deployment Date | Explosives Detection Dog
ERM ERM Stand For : Erechim | Earth Resistance Meter | Exchange Rate Mechanism | Elastic Reservoir Molding | Endfors Racing Motors
ETRM ETRM Stand For : Electric Tail Rotor Motor
EXPO EXPO Stand For : Exposition
FCR FCR Stand For : Factory Reset | Flight Control Room | Forwarder's Cargo Receipt
FN FN Stand For : Forest News | Fine | Forum Notice | Fabrique Nationale | Family Night | Fowler Nordheim | Frans Noltee | Formula Nippon | Fore Noon
GCP GCP Stand For : Groupement des Commandos Parachutistes | Grand Central Parkway
IFG IFG Stand For : I Forgot
IHM IHM Stand For : Island Hospitality Management | I Hate Mondays
KLPD KLPD Stand For : Khade Lu*d Pe Dhokha | Kismat Love Paisa Dilli
LMP LMP Stand For : Lack Match Practice
MRP MRP Stand For : Meal Replacement Powder | Mostal's Repair Plan | Most Recent Printing | Maui Raceway Park | Miyog Role Playing
MSF MSF Stand For : Mud Sound Protocol
MSP MSP Stand For : Multi Streaming Facility | Major Streetball Foundation | Minnesota Sports Federation | Motorcycle Stunt Fund
NAS NAS Stand For : Network Administrator Specialist | Not Another School | Nice and Slow | Not Another School | Nice and Slow
OIC OIC Stand For : Oh, I see
PIF PIF Stand For : Peer Search Infrastructure
PIP PIP Stand For : Pilot Point (ak) | Pain In the Posterior | Particularly Interesting Processor | Pawleys Island Promise | Pointers In Person | Politically Incorrect Party | Pretty In Pink | Put In Place | Performance Improvement Potential | Performance Incentive Points | Personal Information Processing | Picture In Picture | Pittsburgh Pirates | Player Incentive Program | Players In Progress | Pummled Into Pieces | Past International President | Performance Improvement Plan
PSI PSI Stand For : Print Image Framer | Powerbomb Into Facebuster
PYPPYP Stand For : Pick Your Poison | Play Your Part
RAC RAC Stand For : Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries | Reading Maturity Metric | Regressional Many Multiplet | Remote Maintenance and Monitoring | Remy Moose Manley | Response Modeling Methodology | Reuse Manual Methodology | Rocky Mountain Moggers
RIA RIA Stand For : Regulatory Affairs Certification | Regional Administrative Conference | Recruitment and Assessment Centre | Relative Amplitude Coefficient | Rec Arts Comics | Ram Athletic Complex | Rhône-alpes Courses | Rueil Athlétic Club
RMM RMM Stand For : Rhode Island Avenue
RPO RPO Stand For : Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra | Royal Philharmonic Orchestra | Right Pod Outboard | Runs Per Over
SAN SAN Stand For : Scientifically Advanced Nutrition | Smile and Nod | Satellite Access Node | Sniper Activation Number | Surface Area Normalized | Poly(Styrene Acrylonitrile) | Subject Alternative Name
UKG UKG Stand For : Urban Knaves of Grain | Undying King Games | Umagang Kay Ganda | Utökad Kurs i Gummiteknik | Utrechts Klokkenluiders Gilde | Unikoin Gold | U K garage | U K Gamers
VP VP Stand For : Virtual President | Vollpension | Video Production | Very Pointy | Very Pissed | Venting Profanity | Virtually Powerless | Victoria Principal | Video Poker | Viper Pit