What does MOJO mean?

MOJO Full Form

The Full form of MOJO Is a magic power or magic spell , or MOJO stands for a magic power or magic spell,

A magic power or magic spell (MOJO) has numerous other names in America. They include,

  • Hand
  • Root bag
  • Trick bag
  • Mojo hand
  • Lucky hand
  • Conjure bag
  • Gris-gris bag
  • Conjure hand
  • Toby and jomo
  • In the African-American region, though, it’s called Hoodoo and is a charm. This spiritual practice can be made of a single magical object in a flannel bag.
  • It’s said to be a “prayer in a bag” that the owner carries in their body. Alternatively, they may carry it with their body.

It’s believed to be a:

  • A magic force (magic charm)
  • A deceptive, demonic power that allures or bewitches people

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