MVSD Full Form In Driving Licence

“MVSD stands for Mobile Vehicle Servicing and Diagnostics, a new service that has been introduced in India to provide doorstep servicing and repairs for vehicles. This service aims to make vehicle servicing and repairs more convenient for vehicle owners, eliminating the need to visit a service center. In this blog, we will discuss the latest information on MVSD Full Form in Driving License, its benefits, and how it works.

MVSD Full Form in Driving License:

MVSD does not have a full form in driving license. The term MVSD refers to the service itself, which is provided by trained mechanics who travel to the customer’s location to service and repair their vehicles.

Benefits of MVSD:

  • Convenience: MVSD provides doorstep service, making it more convenient for vehicle owners who may not have the time or means to visit a service center.
  • Time-saving: MVSD saves time as it eliminates the need to wait in line at a service center or leave the vehicle at the service center for an extended period.
  • Cost-effective: MVSD is cost-effective as it eliminates the need for vehicle owners to travel to a service center, saving them money on transportation.
  • Trained Mechanics: MVSD employs trained mechanics who are equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to diagnose and repair vehicles.
  • Transparency: MVSD provides a transparent service as customers can observe the entire process and ask questions to the mechanics regarding the repairs and servicing.

How MVSD Works:

  • MVSD works by sending a trained mechanic to the customer’s location to diagnose and repair their vehicle. The customer can book an appointment for MVSD service through a mobile application or by calling a customer care number. Once the appointment is booked, the mechanic will arrive at the customer’s location at the appointed time.
  • The mechanic will then perform a visual inspection of the vehicle and use diagnostic tools to identify any issues with the vehicle. Once the issues are identified, the mechanic will provide a quote for the repairs and servicing required. If the customer agrees to the quote, the mechanic will proceed with the repairs and servicing.
  • The mechanic will complete the repairs and servicing on-site, using the necessary tools and equipment. Once the repairs and servicing are completed, the mechanic will test the vehicle to ensure that it is running smoothly.
  • After the service is completed, the customer can pay for the service using a mobile payment app or through cash payment. The customer will also receive an electronic invoice for the service.

Latest Information on MVSD:

  • Several companies in India have started providing MVSD services, including GoMechanic, Bumper, and Carcrew.
  • MVSD services are available for both four-wheelers and two-wheelers.
  • MVSD services are currently available in select cities in India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai, with plans to expand to other cities in the future.
  • The MVSD service is being promoted by the Government of India under the ‘Make in India’ initiative, which aims to promote local manufacturing and services.


MVSD is a new service that is making vehicle servicing and repairs more convenient for vehicle owners in India. With trained mechanics and the necessary tools and equipment, MVSD provides a transparent and cost-effective service that saves time and eliminates the need for vehicle owners to visit a service center. As the demand for convenient services continues to increase, MVSD is expected to become a popular choice for vehicle owners in India.

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