OTC Full Form

What does OTC mean?

The Full form of OTC Is Over The Counter , or OTC stands for Over The Counter ,

  • Over The Counter drugs are medicines that are not available by prescription only. Consumers can buy them without the need for a doctor’s visit or consultation. OTC drugs are generally cheaper than prescription medications. They offer relief from minor ailments, such as headaches and colds, and they can be bought in pharmacies and convenience stores.
  • The most common OTC products include pain relievers, cough and cold remedies, laxatives, antacids, allergy treatments, sunscreens and insect repellents.

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TermFull Form
OTC Full Form In MedicalOver-The-Counter Medicine
OTC Full Form In BankingOver-The-Counter
OTC Full Form In MarketingOver-The-Counter
OTC Full Form In SalesOrder To Cash
OTC Full Form In Stock MarketOver-The-Counter
OTC Full Form In CryptoOver-The-Counter Trading
OTC Full Form In Home LoanOne Time Close
OTC Full Form In GstOver The Counter
OTC Full Form In CourierOn Travel Courier
OTC Full Form In PharmaOver-The-Counter
OTC Full Form In Hindiओवर द काउंटर
OTC Full Form In AccountingOrder To Cash
OTC Full Form In TradingOver-The-Counter

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