PAC Full Form

What does PAC stand for?

The Full form of PAC Is Political Action Committee , or PAC stands for Political Action Committee ,

  • Political Action Committees are committees that raise funds to support and oppose candidates.
  • PACs are often funded by corporations and unions, but they may also be funded by wealthy individuals or even public-spirited citizens who want to influence the political process. They can be created as a stand-alone entity or as an arm of a non-profit organization.

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TermFull Form
PAC Full Form In TechnologyProgrammable Automation Controller
PAC Full Form In Academic & SciencePrince Alfred College
PAC Full Form In ArmyProvincial Armed Constabulary
PAC Full Form In Associations & OrganizationsPublic Affairs Council
PAC Full Form In BusinessPlanned Amortization Class
PAC Full Form In ChemicalPoly Aluminum Chloride
PAC Full Form In ChemistryPoly Aluminum Chloride
PAC Full Form In CommunicationPorting Authorisation Code
PAC Full Form In Companies & CorporationsPanasonic Avionics Corporation
PAC Full Form In ComputingPresentation-Abstraction-Control | Perceptual Audio Coding
PAC Full Form In GovernmentPolitical Action Committee | Pan Africanist Congress | Pakistan Aeronautical Complex
PAC Full Form In HRPeople @ Columbia
PAC Full Form In InsurancePre-Authorized Collection
PAC Full Form In MedicalPulmonary Artery Catheterization
PAC Full Form In Medical Premature Atrial Contraction
PAC Full Form In PolicePolice Advisory Commission
PAC Full Form In SalesPrice At Closing | planned amortization class
PAC Full Form In TechnologyPost Activated Carbon | Porting Authorisation Code | Plasma Arc Cutting
PAC Full Form In TenderProbable Amount of Contract 
PAC Full Form In Transport & TravelMarcos A. Gelabert International Airport

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