PHD Full Form

What does PHD stand for?

The Full form of PHD Is Doctor Of Philosophy , or PHD stands for Doctor Of Philosophy ,

  • A Doctor of Philosophy is a higher degree in a certain academic field. Most commonly, it is a degree awarded to those who have completed an original research project and successfully defended it before an academic committee.
  • Doctor of Philosophy degrees are available in many fields, including the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering.  Doctor of Philosophy can be abbreviated to Ph.D, DPhil, D.P, pH. PhD course is a 5-6 year research based program on a specific topic

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TermFull Form
PHD Full Form In Airport CodeNew Philadelphia (oh)
What Does PHD Stand For In Indian Railway Station?PHAPHUND
PHD Full Form In Computer HardwarePortable Hard Drive
What Does PHD Stand For In Computer Hardware?Permanent Head Damage
What Does PHD Mean In Database Management?Professional Help Desk
What Is PHD In Database Management?Process Historian Database
PHD Meaning In File TypePolyhedra Database
PHD Full Form In ElectronicsPress Here, Dummy
What Does PHD Stand For In Job Title?Professional Hair Dresser
What Does PHD Mean In Educational Degree?Doctor of Philosophy
What Is PHD In Educational Degree?Philosophiae Doctor
PHD Meaning In Physics RelatedP-helicity Decoupling Scheme (p=momentum)
PHD Full Form In Military and DefencePort Hueneme Division
PHD Full Form In Real EstatePaint Has Dried
What Does PHD Stand For In Sports?Particularly Hard Dancing
What Does PHD Mean In Sports?Physical, Healthy, and Driven
What Is PHD In Sports?Pure Hard Dance
PHD Meaning In MessagingPurveyor of Hyped Drivel
PHD Definition In MessagingPosts A Hundred Times Daily
PHD Full Form In MessagingPretty Heavy Dude
What Does PHD Stand For In Messaging?Pretty Hokey Dialogue
What Does PHD Mean In Messaging?Pretty Handsome Darling
What Is PHD In Messaging?Preparation H Distributor
PHD Meaning In MessagingPropitous Homely Dude
PHD Definition In MessagingPerfect Hot Date

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