PV Full Form

What does PV stand for?

The Full form of PV Is Present Value , or PV stands for Present Value,

  • Present Value is the amount of money that a person would be willing to part with today in order to receive an equivalent amount of goods or services in the future.
  • Present Value is a tool used by economists and researchers to calculate how much money people are willing to spend for goods or services. The idea is that we can use this tool in order to understand how people value time and money.
  • We should not think of Present Value as a replacement for present-day purchasing power, which is what it was designed for. It has its own limitations, like being based on subjective preferences.

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TermFull Form
PV Full Form In Social MediaPage Views
PV Full Form In ChatPromotional Video
PV Full Form In MarketingPages Per View
PV Full Form In Digital Memory Preservation And Value
PV Full Form In CouponPublic Voucher
PV Full Form In AutomobilesPassenger Vehicle
PV Full Form In Language & LinguisticsPassive Voice
PV Full Form In Indian Railway StationPallavaram
PV Full Form In Information Technology Physical Volume
PV Full Form In MedicalPolycythemia Vera
PV Full Form In SolarPhotovoltaic
PV Full Form In ExcelPresent Value
PV Full Form In ElectricityPhotovoltaic
PV Full Form In PregnancyPer Vaginal
PV Full Form In PharmaPharmacovigilance
PV Full Form In GynaecologyPer Vaginal
PV Full Form In BusinessPresent Value
PV Full Form In LabourPer Vaginal
PV Full Form In BsnlPlan Vouchers

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