RPSC Full Form in Hindi

“The Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) is the premier commission of the government of Rajasthan, responsible for conducting recruitment exams and recommending candidates for various government positions. In this blog, we will discuss the RPSC Full Form, its history, structure, functions, and recent updates.

RPSC Full Form

RPSC stands for Rajasthan Public Service Commission. It is the premier government body responsible for conducting competitive exams and recommending candidates for various posts in the state government of Rajasthan.

History of RPSC

The RPSC was established in 1949, under the provisions of the Constitution of India. The commission is headquartered in Ajmer, and it operates under the guidance of the Rajasthan Public Service Commission Rules & Regulations, 1963. The RPSC is responsible for conducting various competitive exams, including the Rajasthan Administrative Service (RAS) and Rajasthan Police Service (RPS).

Structure of RPSC

The RPSC is headed by a Chairman, who is assisted by a team of members. The members are appointed by the Governor of Rajasthan, on the recommendation of the state government. The commission is divided into various departments, each of which is responsible for conducting exams for specific posts.

Functions of RPSC

The primary function of the RPSC is to conduct competitive exams and recommend candidates for various posts in the state government of Rajasthan. Some of the key functions of the commission include:

  • Conducting exams: The RPSC is responsible for conducting various competitive exams, including the RAS, RPS, Rajasthan Engineering Service (RES), Rajasthan Judicial Service (RJS), and others.
  • Recruitment: The commission recommends candidates for various posts in the state government, including administrative, police, engineering, and judicial services.
  • Promotion: The RPSC also conducts departmental exams for government employees, and recommends them for promotions.
  • Advice: The commission advises the state government on matters related to recruitment, promotion, and other personnel-related issues.

Recent Updates

In recent years, the RPSC has undergone significant changes to streamline its operations and make its services more accessible to candidates. Some of the recent updates include:

  • Online application: The RPSC has introduced an online application system, which allows candidates to apply for exams from the comfort of their homes. This has made the application process more convenient and efficient.
  • Mobile app: The commission has also launched a mobile app, which provides candidates with easy access to exam notifications, exam schedules, and other important information.
  • New exams: The RPSC has introduced new exams, such as the Rajasthan Subordinate Services Selection Board (RSMSSB) exam, which is conducted for recruitment to lower-level posts in various government departments.
  • Transparency: The commission has taken several measures to ensure transparency in its operations, such as publishing answer keys and exam results on its website, and allowing candidates to raise objections if they find any discrepancies.


The RPSC plays a crucial role in the recruitment and selection of candidates for various government positions in Rajasthan. With its focus on transparency, efficiency, and accessibility, the commission has undergone significant changes in recent years to provide better services to candidates. Aspiring candidates can visit the RPSC website or download the mobile app to stay updated on the latest exam notifications and schedules.”

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