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What does SOC stand for?

The Full form of SOC Is System On A Chip , or SOC stands for System On A Chip ,

  • System On A Chip (SOC) is a new technology. Built on one or several chips and used in integrating the components needed to run a computer system, this integrated circuit comprises the input and output (abbreviated as I/O) interfaces and Central Processing Unit (CPU). Not to mention, other peripherals in the computer.
  • While still gaining popularity in the vast market, SOC technology is being used in the healthcare, defense, automotive, and aerospace sectors, among others. Not forgetting personal devices, especially tablets and smartphones, are also using it.

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TermFull Form
SOC Full Form In ElectronicSystem-On-A-Chip
SOC Full Form In CompanySystem and Organization Controls
SOC Full Form In CollegeStudent of Concern
SOC Full Form In TelecomService Operation Center
SOC Full Form In BankingSecurity Operations Center
SOC Full Form In PoliceScene of Crime
SOC Full Form In Air TransportSingle Operating Certificate | Soaring Over California | Start Of Climb | Start Of Climb At Missed Approach
SOC Full Form In Airline CodesSouthern Cargo Air Lines
SOC Full Form In Airport CodeSolo City
SOC Full Form In Anatomy & PhysiologySuperior Olivary Complex | System Organ Class
SOC Full Form In Animal WelfareScottish Ornithologists Club
SOC Full Form In Architecture & ConstructionsSelection Optimization Compensation | Siam One Corner | State Of Conservation
SOC Full Form In Astronomy & Space ScienceScience Operations Center | Space Operations Council
SOC Full Form In BankingSystem Operations Center
SOC Full Form In BiologySecond Order Conditioning
SOC Full Form In Business TermsScience Operating Cost | Sent Out Capability | Statement Of Concern | Statements Of Compliance
SOC Full Form In Chat & MessagingSpheres Of Control
SOC Full Form In ChemistrySoil Organic Carbon | Spin Orbit Coupling | Synthetic Organic Compound
SOC Full Form In CommunicationService Oriented Communications | Sphere On Orthogonal Cone
SOC Full Form In Companies & CorporationsSepahan Oil Company | Siem Offshore Contractors | Southern Oil Company | Sumitomo Osaka Cement
SOC Full Form In Computer and NetworkingSystem Operator Code
SOC Full Form In Computer Assembly LanguageStart of Comment
SOC Full Form In Computer HardwareServer Operations Center
SOC Full Form In CountriesState Of Cambodia
SOC Full Form In CoursesSection Organic Chemistry | Sociology | Source Operations Course
SOC Full Form In Departments & AgenciesSatellite Operations Center | Senior Officials Committee | Special Offender Center | Stamps On Consignment
SOC Full Form In Earth ScienceSelf Organized Criticality
SOC Full Form In Educational OrganizationsStudent Organization Committee | Student Organizations Council
SOC Full Form In ElectricalSelectable Output Control
SOC Full Form In ElectronicsState of Charge | Substrate On Chip | System On A Chip
SOC Full Form In EngineeringSouthern Oceanic Circulation
SOC Full Form In EventsSupplier Of Choice
SOC Full Form In Firms & OrganizationsSirte Oil Company
SOC Full Form In General ComputingSector Operational Commands | Service-Oriented Computing
SOC Full Form In HealthcareStandards Of Care | Statement Of Conclusion | Statement Of Conscience
SOC Full Form In HospitalsMedium For Bacterial Culture
SOC Full Form In Information TechnologySystem-on-a-Chip
SOC Full Form In InternetSocial
SOC Full Form In Law & LegalSex Offender Court | State Of Conviction
SOC Full Form In ManagementSpan Of Control
SOC Full Form In MessagingSleepover Club
SOC Full Form In MilitaryScene Of The Crime | Security Operations Center | Senior Officers Course | Southern Operation Center | Space Operations Center | Special Operations Capabilities | Special Operations Craft | Squadron Officer College | Squadron Officer Course | Start Of Colt | Strategic Operation Command | Struck Off Charge | Systems Operations Control
SOC Full Form In Military and DefenceServicemembers Opportunity Colleges | Space Operations Command | Special Operations Capable | Special Operations Command | Special Operations Commander
SOC Full Form In MusicStream Of Consciousness
SOC Full Form In NYSE SymbolsSunbeam Corporation
SOC Full Form In Ocean ScienceSouthampton Oceanography Centre
SOC Full Form In Physics RelatedSecond Order Cone | Start of Combustion
SOC Full Form In Policies & ProgramsSecurity On Campus | Service Organization Controls
SOC Full Form In PoliticsSyrian Opposition Coalition
SOC Full Form In Professional AssociationsStrathcona Olympiette Centre
SOC Full Form In Programming & DevelopmentSeparation Of Concerns | Summer of Code
SOC Full Form In Regional OrganizationsSeattle Organizing Center | Servas Obreras Catequistas | Sindicato Obrero Canario | Spirit-Of-Cardiff | Strategic Organizing Center
SOC Full Form In Religion & SpiritualitySerbian Orthodox Church | Soldiers Of Christ
SOC Full Form In Research & DevelopmentScience Operations Centre For Xmm | Scientific Organizing Committee
SOC Full Form In Rules & RegulationsStatement Of Overriding Considerations
SOC Full Form In Space ScienceScience Operations Coordinator | Simulated Operation Computer | Simulation Operations Center | Simulations Operations Center | System Operating Concept | System Option Controller |
SOC Full Form In SportsStandard Obstacle Course
SOC Full Form In Sports & Recreation OrganizationsSpanish Olympic Committee | Special Olympics Canada | Special Organising Committee | Suriname Olympic Committee | Swiss Olympic Committee
SOC Full Form In Sports EventsSouthern Ohio Conference | Southern Oregon Conference | Swedish Open Championships
SOC Full Form In StandardsStandard Occupational Classification
SOC Full Form In Tech TermsSector Operations Centre | System And Organization Controls
SOC Full Form In Technological OrganizationsSouthern Organizing Committee
SOC Full Form In TermsShipper Owned Container | Statement Of Condition | State-Owned Company
SOC Full Form In Universities & InstitutionsSchool Of Communication | School Of Community | School Of Computing | School Of Convergence | School Of Counseling | Scotch Oakburn College | Southern Oregon College
SOC Full Form In WildlifeSpecies Of Concern

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