Top 20 Richest Person In United States Of America (USA)

discover the latest list of the top 20 richest person in united states of america (USA). explore their success story, net worth, and the factors contributing to their financial prominence

1Elon Musk$196.3 B52Tesla, SpaceXUnited States
2Jeff Bezos$193.7 B60AmazonUnited States
3Mark Zuckerberg$175.2 B39FacebookUnited States
4Larry Ellison$157.3 B79OracleUnited States
5Warren Buffett$133.2 B93Berkshire HathawayUnited States
6Bill Gates$128.8 B68MicrosoftUnited States
7Steve Ballmer$123.2 B67MicrosoftUnited States
8Larry Page$116.2 B50GoogleUnited States
9Sergey Brin$111.9 B50GoogleUnited States
10Michael Bloomberg$106.2 B82Bloomberg LPUnited States
11Michael Dell$91.9 B59Dell TechnologiesUnited States
12Jensen Huang$80.8 B61SemiconductorsUnited States
13Jim Walton & family$79.6 B75WalmartUnited States
14Rob Walton & family$78.6 B79WalmartUnited States
15Alice Walton$73.5 B74WalmartUnited States
16Julia Koch & family$64.3 B61Koch IndustriesUnited States
17Charles Koch & family$58.5 B88Koch IndustriesUnited States
18Phil Knight & family$41.2 B86NikeUnited States
19John Mars$38.5 B88Candy, pet foodUnited States
20Jacqueline Mars$38.5 B84Candy, pet foodUnited States