Top 50 Richest Women In United States Of America (USA)

discover the latest list of the top 50 richest women / female / lady in united states of america (USA). explore their success story, net worth, and the factors contributing to their financial prominence

1Alice Walton$73.5 B74WalmartUnited States
2Julia Koch & family$64.3 B61Koch IndustriesUnited States
3Jacqueline Mars$38.5 B84Candy, pet foodUnited States
4MacKenzie Scott$35.6 B53AmazonUnited States
5Miriam Adelson & family$32.5 B78CasinosUnited States
6Abigail Johnson$29.0 B62FidelityUnited States
7Diane Hendricks$20.9 B77Building suppliesUnited States
8Christy Walton$13.8 B75WalmartUnited States
9Laurene Powell Jobs & family$12.9 B60Apple, DisneyUnited States
10Trudy Cathy White$11.2 B68Chick-fil-AUnited States
11Melinda French Gates$11.1 B59MicrosoftUnited States
12Nancy Walton Laurie$10.3 B72WalmartUnited States
13Judy Love & family$10.2 B86Gas stationsUnited States
14Ann Walton Kroenke$10.1 B75WalmartUnited States
15Elizabeth Johnson$9.9 B60FidelityUnited States
16Marijke Mars$9.6 B59Candy, pet foodUnited States
17Victoria Mars$9.6 B67Candy, pet foodUnited States
18Valerie Mars$9.6 B65Candy, pet foodUnited States
19Pamela Mars$9.6 B63Candy, pet foodUnited States
20Ronda Stryker$8.2 B69Medical equipmentUnited States
21Elisabeth DeLuca & family$8.2 B76SubwayUnited States
22Tamara Gustavson$7.8 B62Self storageUnited States
23Randa Duncan Williams$7.7 B62PipelinesUnited States
24Dannine Avara$7.7 B60PipelinesUnited States
25Milane Frantz$7.7 B54PipelinesUnited States
26Judy Faulkner$7.4 B80Healthcare softwareUnited States
27Pauline MacMillan Keinath$7.3 B90CargillUnited States
28Edythe Broad & family$7.0 B88Homebuilding, insuranceUnited States
29Lynsi Snyder$6.7 B41In-N-Out BurgerUnited States
30Annette Lerner & family$6.4 B94Real estateUnited States
31Karen Pritzker$6.1 B66Hotels, investmentsUnited States
32Gayle Benson$6.1 B77New Orleans SaintsUnited States
33Blair Parry-Okeden$6.1 B73Media, automotiveUnited States
34Denise York & family$5.8 B73San Francisco 49ersUnited States
35Janice McNair$5.6 B87Energy, sportsUnited States
36Lynda Resnick$5.6 B81AgricultureUnited States
37Thai Lee$5.3 B65IT providerUnited States
38Elizabeth Uihlein$5.2 B78Packaging materialsUnited States
39Dagmar Dolby & family$5.2 B82Dolby LaboratoriesUnited States
40Jean (Gigi) Pritzker$5.1 B61Hotels, investmentsUnited States
41Helen Johnson-Leipold$5.0 B67Cleaning productsUnited States
42Winifred J. Marquart$4.9 B64Cleaning productsUnited States
43Johnelle Hunt$4.9 B92TruckingUnited States
44Margot Birmingham Perot$4.9 B90Computer services, real estateUnited States
45Gwendolyn Sontheim Meyer$4.6 B62CargillUnited States
46Lynn Schusterman & family$4.5 B85Oil & gas, investmentsUnited States
47Martha Ingram & family$4.4 B88Book distribution, transportationUnited States
48Marianne Liebmann$4.2 B70CargillUnited States
49Maggie Hardy$4.1 B58Building materialsUnited States
50Margaretta Taylor$4.0 B81Media, automotiveUnited States