TVC Full Form

What does TVC stand for?

The Full form of TVC Is Television Commercial , or TVC stands for Television Commercial ,

  • A Television commercial is a form of advertising that is shown on television. It is typically a short clip that advertises a product or service.
  • A TV commercial may be produced by the organization that intends to advertise its products, or it may be produced by an advertising agency on behalf of the organization. The production company may also hire an ad agency, media firm, or in-house department to create the TV commercial.

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TermFull Form
TVC Full Form In BusinessTotal Variable Cost
TVC Full Form In MarketingTelevision Commercial
TVC Full Form In MicrobiologyTotal Viable Count
TVC Full Form In EconomicsTotal Variable Cost
TVC Full Form In RailwayThiruvananthapuram Central
TVC Full Form In AdvertisingTelevision Commercial
TVC Full Form In Hindiटेलीविज़न कमर्शियल या टीवी कमर्शियल
TVC Full Form In Medical EntTrue Vocal Cord
TVC Full Form In MedicalTimed Vital Capacity
TVC Full Form In Water TestingTotal Variable Cost

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