VAT Full Form

What does VAT stand for?

The Full form of VAT Is Value Added Tax , or VAT stands for Value Added Tax ,

  • Value Added Tax is a tax that is paid when the product changes hands from the producer to the consumer. VAT may be charged on both goods and services. The VAT rate varies from country to country and it can also vary within a country depending on the product or service.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax, meaning that it is levied on goods at each stage of production. This means that VAT is not usually paid by consumers but instead by businesses in order to buy products for resale.

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TermFull Form
VAT Full Form In GSTValue-Added Tax
VAT Full Form In MedicalVideo-Assisted Thoracoscopic
VAT Full Form In Hindiमूल्य वर्धित कर
VAT Full Form In TallyValue-Added Tax
VAT Full Form In TaxValue-Added Tax
VAT Full Form In EconomicsValue-Added Tax
VAT Full Form In EnglishValue-Added Tax
VAT Full Form In ComputerValue-Added Tax
VAT Full Form In MathsValue-Added Tax

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