VNS Full Form

What does VNS stand for?

The Full form of VNS Is Vagal Nerve Stimulator , or VNS stands for Vagal Nerve Stimulator,

  • Vagal Nerve Stimulator is a device that delivers electrical stimulation to the vagus nerve, which is in turn sends signals to the brain. The main function of the vagus nerve is to send information from the body’s organs and systems to the brain and vice versa.
  • The device has been used for treating epilepsy, depression, chronic pain, nausea and vomiting, as well as other conditions. It can also be used for self-treatment for people with anxiety disorders or chronic pain.

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TermFull Form
VNS Full Form In Software ProgramVisual Nature Studio
VNS Full Form In MedicalVagal Nerve Stimulator
VNS Full Form In Video GamesVisual Novel
VNS Full Form In TextVery Nice Shot
VNS Full Form In TwitterVery Nice Shot
VNS Full Form In WhatsappVery Nice Shot
VNS Full Form In InstagramVery Nice Shot
VNS Full Form In RailwayVaranasi Railway Division
VNS Full Form In ScienceVagus Nerve Stimulation
VNS Full Form In EducationValley New School

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