WTF Full Form

What does WTF mean?

The Full form of WTF Is What The Fuck , or WTF stands for What The Fuck ,

What The Fuck is An expression of extreme surprise. An expression of extreme annoyment or frustration, usually after a recent back to back bad events has just been added to by something that just happened.

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TermFull Form
WTF Full Form In Internet ChatWhat the F*CK
WTF Full Form In ComputingWork Time Fun
WTF Full Form In Internet SlangWhat the fu*k
WTF Full Form In TelecommunicationWireless Telecommunications Facility
WTF Full Form In MessagingWhat The F*** | Well Trained Forum | Where's The Forum | Way Totally Fun | Welcome To Facebook | Why The Frown | Well That's Fine | Why The Face? | What The F*ck? | Why The Face | What The Freak? | Wow! That's Funky! | What The Flip? | Where's The F***ing? | What True Friend | Well, That's Funny | What's The Fuss | Well That's Fantastic | What The F***!
WTF Full Form In Accounts and FinanceWhere's The Funds?
WTF Full Form In Job TitleWalk Thru Fire
WTF Full Form In MathsWrite The Formula
WTF Full Form In SportsWorld Taekwondo Federation | Women's Tri-fitness Competition | World Taekwondo Friendship | Women's Trampoline Force | Warriors Truly Fearless
WTF Full Form In Military and DefenceWarriors Truly Fearless | War Torn Family | Weapons, Tactics, and Fury | War Torn Fantasy

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