ATS Full Form

What does ATS stand for?

The Full form of ATS Is Anti-Terror Squad , or ATS stands for Anti-Terror Squad ,

  • Anti terrorism squad is a police unit in India which has been formed to fight terrorism and anti-social activities.
  • ATS is an acronym for Anti Terrorism Squad, which has been formed to combat terrorism and other criminal activities. ATS is a highly specialized squad, which has been tasked with the responsibility of investigating terrorist activities, coordinating with different agencies and conducting operations.

Following is the list of various ATS full forms. It contains various acronyms and their meanings that are important to know.

TermFull Form
ATS Full Form in PoliceAnti-Terrorism Squad
ATS Full Form in MedicalTetanus Antitoxin
ATS Full Form in RecruitmentApplicant Tracking System
ATS Full Form in ElectricalAutomatic Transfer Switch
ATS Full Form in BiologyAnti Tetanus Serum
ATS Full Form in ResumeApplicant Tracking System
ATS Full Form in BankingApplication Tracking System
ATS Full Form in Hindiआतंकवाद विरोधी दस्ते
ATS Full Form in AviationAir Traffic Service
ATS Full Form in HrApplicant Tracking System
ATS Full Form in PropertyAgreement To Sell
ATS Full Form in InsuranceAutomatic Transfer Plan
ATS Full Form In Airport CodeArtesia (nm)
ATS Full Form In Indian Railway StationATTABIRA
ATS Full Form In Computer and NetworkingAbstract Test Suite | Assigned Time Slot
ATS Full Form In Computer Assembly LanguageAt Title Screen
ATS Full Form In NetworkingAsynchronous Time Sharing
ATS Full Form In SoftwaresApple Type Services
ATS Full Form In ElectronicsAbsolute Time Sequence
ATS Full Form In Military and DefenceAnnual Training Site | Anti-Terrorist Squad | Across The Scope | Airborne Tactical Sigint | Air Traffic Service | Assign Terminal Service
What Is ATS In Military and DefenceAir Traffic Services
ATS Definition In Military and DefenceAdvanced Tracking Sensor
ATS Full Form In Police ForceAnti Terrorism Squad
ATS Full Form In TelecommunicationAutomatic Transfer Switch
ATS Full Form In TechnologyAssociation Technology Solutions | Advanced Technology Services
ATS Full Form In SportsAgainst The Spread
ATS Full Form In Stock ExchangeAlternative Trading System

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