CPP Full Form

What does CPP stand for?

The Full form of CPP Is C Plus Plus (C++) , or CPP stands for C Plus Plus (C++),

  • Computer programming (CPP) is a challenging skill that requires a lot of focus, dedication and patience. C++ is the most widely used programming language in the industry today.
  • C++ is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled, statically typed programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup starting in 1979 at Bell Labs. It was originally created as an extension to C with support for structured programming concepts.
  • C++ has since become one of the most widely used languages for general purpose computing throughout the world and has been adopted for many other applications because of its portability and efficiency.

Following is the list of various CPP full forms. It contains various acronyms and their meanings that are important to know.

TermFull Form
CPP Full Form In PowerplantCaptive Power Plant
CPP Full Form In MedicalCerebral Perfusion Pressure
CPP Full Form In C++C Plus Plus
CPP Full Form In ElectricalCaptive Power Plant
CPP Full Form In Blood BankConvalescent Plasma
CPP Full Form In RefinaryClarified Polypropylene
CPP Full Form In PharmaCertificate Of Pharmaceutical Product
CPP Full Form In Hindiकैप्टिव पावर प्लांट
CPP Full Form In BankingComprehensive Card Protection Company
CPP Full Form In ChemistryChemical Product Policy
CPP Full Form In EngineeringCommercial Parallel Processing
CPP Full Form In CanadaCanada Pension Plan
CPP Full Form In IndustryCertified Protection Professional
CPP Full Form In ProgrammingC Plus Plus
CPP Full Form In ChatCalling Party Pays
CPP Full Form In Programming & DevelopmentC Preprocessor
CPP Full Form In Indian Railway StationChipurupalle

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