CRED Full Form

What does CRED mean?

The Full form of CRED Is Corporate Responsibility for Environment and Development , or CRED stands for Corporate Responsibility for Environment and Development

  • The Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED) is affiliated with the School of Public Health found in UCLouvain Brussels Woluwe campus in Brussels, Belgium.
  • CRED researches what brings about disasters and suitable prevention measures. The center’s past projects include evaluating responses to major epidemics, natural disasters, and the impacts of armed conflicts.

Following is the list of various CRED full forms. It contains various acronyms and their meanings that are important to know.

TermFull Form
CRED Full Form In Academic & ScienceCentre for Research in Equality and Diversity | Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters | Centre for Regional Economic Development
CRED Full Form In BusinessCredo Petroleum Corporation
CRED Full Form In Business Corporate Responsibility for Environment and Development
CRED Full Form In CommunityCommunity Recycling and Economic Development | Community Relations Equality and Diversity | Community Relations and Ethnic Diversity | Community Resource and Economic Development | Community Research Evaluation Development | Community Redevelopment Economic Districts | Community Real Estate Development | Community Carbon Reduction Project (UK) | Conversations for Responsible Economic Development | Centre of Research in the Economics of Development
CRED Full Form In Community Creating Real Economic Destiny
CRED Full Form In Computing Controlled Rapid Evolutionary Delivery
CRED Full Form In FinanceCredit
CRED Full Form In Governmental Create Real Economic Destiny | Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development | Correction Research Enhancement Development | Centre for Renewable Energy Development | Center for Research on Economic Development | Center for Research and Education on Democracy | Collaborative Research for Effective Diagnosis (Sherbrooke University; Canada) | Center for Research on Environmental Decisions | Control Room and Inquiry Department
CRED Full Form In Industry - Real EstateCoastal Real Estate and Development
CRED Full Form In International Commissione di REDazione
CRED Full Form In Medical Clinical Governance/Education and R&D subgroup
CRED Full Form In Miscellaneous Credibility Respect Empathy and Determination | Create Read Edit Delete | Coral Reef Ecosystem Division | Cnn Rnn Earthquake Detector | Credibility
CRED Full Form In SoftwaresControlled Rapid Evolutionary Delivery

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