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The Full form of RTT Is Real-time text / Radio Transmission Technology , or RTT stands for Real-time text / Radio Transmission Technology,

  • Real-time Text (RTT) is a feature that allows instant transmission of a text when it’s being written or typed. It takes place in real-time, enabling the recipient to read the message as its typed.
    • It can be used by anyone with a computer or a smartphone with internet access.
    • RTT is a natural form of communication that you can use for various conversations like messaging, video chat, and social media. Furthermore, it’s helpful for people with verbal communication hindrances brought by hearing disability, age, or other factors. The real-time text has gained popularity recently, although it has been around for years. The reason behind this is that it offers benefits to users, and it’s easy to use
  • Radio transmission technology (RTT), on the other hand, refers to transmitting messages and data using radio waves. It has significantly advanced through the years as many industries and digital communications develop. The industries that use radio transmission technology include communication companies, broadcasting, aviation, and the military.
    • The radio frequency spectrum has three ranges, the low frequency(LF), which is used for AM broadcasting. The medium frequency(MF) is used for FM broadcasting and the high frequency (HF) for shortwave broadcasting.

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